Letter to Patients - Why the Practice is Moving

September 30, 2015

Dear Patient Community,

When I bought Dr. White's practice 3 years ago, I was very excited to join his Pembroke office. Dr. White is an excellent clinician, and a caring man who has valued his patients and staff for over 50 years. 

As I began to meet patients, it became clear to me why Dr. White cared so deeply.  We are lucky to have excellent patients who trust us with their dental care, and it is my hope that every patient feels they are treated like family at our office.

It has been my intention to renovate the current location in Pembroke Center.  The existing office faces several challenges: the facility is not handicap accessible; parking is insufficient; and rooms are too small for new technology.  Working with contractors as I planned for renovation, however, I learned that other issues were likely to arise, carrying significant costs. I was encouraged to seek other options and compare costs before committing to any renovations.

As I looked into other options, I discovered an Orthodontist friend and colleague was moving out of his Kingston space to join a pediatric dentist in Duxbury.  It was a perfect opportunity to move into a space that would require a fraction of the costs to renovate. After thoughtful analysis, this opportunity made the most sense as it allowed us to invest more into our technology and equipment.  In addition, this allows an easier transition without working through on-site construction.  Construction is nearly in Kingston, and we will move into the fully updated space on October 2, 2015.

We are proud of the new facility and excited to share the improved space with all of you.  When you visit, you will see the new space incorporates improved technology, and will better enable us to provide:

·         Same day crowns

·         Digital impressions

·         Digital extra oral imaging

·         Secure software to protect our patients information

Please come by for a visit after October 8th.  We will be at RK Crossing (the Plaza across from Hannaford) just off exit 10.  You can see renovation photos on our website at:


Thank you for being a part of our dental family.  We hope to continue to care for your dental needs for many years to come.


Britton Hollis, DDS


We're all moved in!

Walls, plumbing and electrical are all in place! We expect to move October 2nd!